Our Very Own Neuroanthropology 2008 Prizes

These are the highs of the past year. Some might call them lows. But we’re handing out our own self-inflicted prizes anyway. Or go traditional and check out our month-by-month summary of 2008 and our popularity contest.

Best One Night Stand
Girls gone guilty: Evolutionary psych on sex #2

Best Soldiering On
Cultural Aspects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Thinking on Meaning and Risk

Best Balancing Act
Balance between cultures: equilibrium training

Best Hook
Studying Sin

Best Profile of an Anthropologist
Get into trance: Felicitas Goodman
Donald Tuzin and the Breath of a Ghost

Best Welcome Mat
Welcome to new readers: Why brain science needs anthropology

Best Buddha Lite
The Neural Buddhists of David Brooks

Best Syllabus
Greg’s Human Evolution Syllabus

Best Late Night Snack
Comfort Food and Social Stress

Funniest Video
Stephen Colbert and Psychopharma-parenting

Best Trolleys
Steven Pinker and the Moral Instinct

Best Graphic
Paul Mason’s slide on Neuroanthropology

Best Use of Hannibal Lecter
Why We Love, The Time Magazine Version

Best Waffling
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is right… sort of?
Sapir-Whorf was right… about adults

Best Norman Doidge
Neuroplasticity on the Radio

Best Teaching Video – Biological Anthropology
Chimpanzees: Too Close for Comfort
Cooperative Hunting by Chimpanzees

Best Teaching Video – Cultural Anthropology
Race and Racism in Latin America Videos

Best Bust
Bad brain science: Boobs caused subprime crisis

Best Deconstruction
A Crooked Science

Best Neurocriticism
Bad Boys or Bad Science
Psychiatry affects human psychology: e.g., ‘bipolar’ children

Best Scan
Cultural Neuroscience

Best Illustrations
Alesha Sivartha and the Phrenology of Culture
Great Diagrams in Anthropology

Best Induced Drunkenness
Moerman’s Placebo

Best Meditation
Relax your genes
Meditating makes the brain more compassionate

Best Bob Dylan
The Decisions They Are-A-Changin’

Best Bacteria
The human ‘super-organism’

Best Sex Video
Good Sexual Intercourse Lasts Minutes, Not Hours, Therapists Say

Best Jim Twins
Identical twins not… err… identical?

Best Jan Chipchase to the Rescue
Cellphones Save the World

Best Tests
Girls closing math gap?: Troubles with intelligence #1
The Flynn Effect: Troubles with Intelligence 2

Best Blind Musician
Darman’s eyes

Best Oprah Show
Blaine breaks world record for breath holding

Best Genes
Genetics and Obesity

Best Diet
Successful Weight Loss

Best Mistaken Metaphor
Synesthesia & metaphor: I’m not feeling it

Best Original Artwork and Ode to Beer
The Adventures of Little Sacc

Best Drugs
Brain doping poll results in
Brain Enhancement: Beyond Either/Or

Best Lifesavers
The Cultural Brain in Five Flavors

Best James Bond
Chicks dig jerks?: Evolutionary psych on sex #1

Best Video Game
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City

Best Brain
The Gay Brain: On Love and Science

Best Meme Busting
We hate memes, pass it on…

Best Drummer
Oseng’s brain

Best Embodied Cognition
Andy Clark & Michael Wheeler: Embodied cognition and cultural evolution
How your brain is not like a computer

Best Tips
Brain School

Best Title
Poverty Poisons the Brain

Best Reflective Moment
Wending between Faust and Wimsatt
Camping on the Brain

Best Taxi Ride
Cabbies’ brains

Best Stress Relief
On Stress – Part One – Sapolsky
On Stress – Part Two – Blakey

Best Virgin Mary MRI
Our Blessed Lady of the Cerebellum

Prettiest Brains
Jeff Lichtman’s Brainbows
The Beautiful Brain

Best Hangover
The Neuroanth Hangover

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