This page gathers together several type of resources: our on-site resources to help you explore anthropology and the brain sciences; sites which provide news and info on anthropology and on brain science; some sites which present tutorials or overviews of neuroscience (including brain disorders); and finally some blogs of interest (which need updating, so check our blogroll too…).  This page is a work in progress, so if you want to make a worthy addition, please leave a comment below or email me at dlende @ 

On Site

Wednesday Round Ups Covers both anthropology and neuroscience stories once a week

Anthropology and Neuroscience Podcasts A comprehensive listing of what’s out there

The Best of Anthropology List of Blogs The 36 blogs that participated in Best of Anthro 2008

Top 100 Anthropology Blogs Off site – if you want our reaction, here it is

101 Fascinating Brain Blogs Off site too; here’s our reaction

World Music An initial attempt at covering some music that’s out there online. For some more, check out Sam Mangwana

Great Diagrams in Anthropology Our introduction to a Flickr site

Brain School and Brain Tools We cover sites for learning about and enhancing brain function

Where to study neuroanthropology Our own take on some places you might consider. See also this reader’s informed take about how to go about studying neuroanth

Evolution: Sites for learning about evolution. Greg’s human evolution syllabus. Greg’s slides on brain evolution and diet.

Best of 2008 Lists Prominent mind/brain and anthropology blogs round up their best offerings from 2008

News and Info on Anthropology

Anthropology Newspaper A comprehensive feed for the latest anthropology blogging and reporting

Archaeologica News The latest from a site that compiles archaeology stories and news

Arts and Letters Daily News from the humanities through The Chronicle of Higher Education

Brain, Self and Society Neuro-links The London School of Economics program provides one of the most comprehensive lists of “neuro-links” around, ranging from interdisciplinary institutes to blogs, journals and international societies

Cognition and Culture Institute Provides field-specific news in a sidebar, in addition to the blog itself

Cultural Survival News and much more on “Promoting the rights, voices and visions of indigenous peoples.”

Medical Anthropology News The Society for Medical Anthropology covers what is happening

National Geographic News The popular magazine gives us its take on the world

Open Anthropology Videos A critical take on the world through video

Science Daily Anthropology News Towards the biological/archaeological, and with an eye on the popular

Science Daily Human Biology News The latest on human biology

Topix: Anthropology News A social network compiler provides some comprehensive overview

Yahoo News: Anthropology and Archaeology Stories compiled by Yahoo, with plenty of archaeology and some other stuff thrown in

Wikio Anthropology The “news your way” site gathers together user-generated resources and links

News and Info on the Brain

Medical News Today Neuroscience: 

Nature Neuroscience Gateway:

Nature Reviews Neuroscience Links:

Neurolinks: Brain, Self and Society Comprehensive and world-wide listing of academic institutions, organizations, journals and more

Neuroscience News: 

Science Daily’s Mind & Brain: 

Scientific Blogging Neuroscience News:

Society for Neuroscience:  Check their “Recent Publications” at the bottom of the page  

Tutorials and Overviews 

Allen Brain Atlas:  Views of brain structures and related expressed genes

Brain Explorer: Covers the basics, but also has good graphics.  Worth a look.

BrainMaps:  “interactive multiresolution next-generation brain atlas”

The Brain Top to Bottom:  Includes basics and guided tours on specific topics. 

Dana Foundation’s BrainWeb:  Provides “information and links to validated sites about brain diseases and disorders”

Encyclopedia for Computational Neuroscience
Scholarpedia site covering a range of topics, with description, graphs and figures, and references

Interactive Atlases:  Covers both neuroanatomy and brain slices. 

neuroscienceCME: Has on-line tutorials, included accredited classes using webcasts.  Webcasts are often free, but you need to register for the site.  Focused on key clinical areas related to the neurosciences.

Neuroscience for Kids:  One place to learn the basics 

Neuroscience Tutorial:  “illustrated guide to the essential basics of clinical neuroscience” 

Neuroscience Tutorial:  Summary of lecture notes and simple graphics—quite comprehensive 

New Scientist’s Instant Expert: Brain:;jsessionid=DELMKGFAGJMH  Includes a fancy interactive graphic 

Serendip’s Brain and Behavior:  Includes interactive exhibits/experiments! 

Society for Neuroscience’s Education Page:  One stop shopping for many related sites 

10 Important Differences between Brains and Computers:  

Video & Podcast Resources

For the podcasts, check out this post for a comprehensive list:

Big Think:

Channel N – Brain Science Videos:

Dana Foundation Webcasts:

Grey Matters: From Molecules to Mind:

Schwartz Mind/Brain Series:

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading:


Action Potential:  “Action Potential is a blog by the editors of Nature Neuroscience – and a forum for our readers, authors and the entire neuroscience community. We’ll discuss what’s new and exciting in neuroscience, be it in our journal or elsewhere.” 

Brain & Behavior:  Provides a mix of commentary on brain research, psychology, personal reflections, and science news more generally. 

Deric Bownd’s Mindblog:  “New ideas and work on brain, mind and behavior”

Developing Intelligence:  “Topics include developmental and computational cognitive neuroscience, comparative psychology, psychometrics, and artificial intelligence.” 

Dr. X’s Free Associations:  “Psychology, great vintage photos, and more”

Frontal Cortex:  Blog by the author of “Proust Was A Neuroscientist”

John Hawks Weblog:  “paleoanthropology, genetics, and evolution”  Great general discussion with a bio anthro slant.  Besides his recent posts, check out the “minds” category under “Topics” and the “brain” category under “Reviews” for some of the most relevant stuff. 

Man Without Qualities:  Confluence of cognitive science, philosophy and computing

Mind Hacks:  “Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain.” 

The Mouse Trap:  “Musings on cognitive and developmental psychology”

The Neurocritic:  “Deconstructing the most sensationalistic recent findings in Human Brain Imaging, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Psychopharmacology” 

Neurologica:  “Your Daily Fix of Neuroscience, Skepticism, and Critical Thinking” 

Neurophilosophy:  Mix of commentary, reporting, and critique 

New Scientist’s Being Human:  Covers both brain news and evolutionary angles on the brain and human evolution 

Psique:  Good summaries, links to research, and essays on brain science

Scientific American’s Mind & Brain:  Plenty of commentary and news 

The Situationist:  “The Situationist is a forum for scholars, students, lawyers, policymakers, and interested citizens to examine, discuss, and debate the effect of situational forces – that is, non-salient factors around and within us – on law, policy, politics, policy theory, and our social, political, and economic institutions.” 

Thinking Meat:  “Exploring what it means to be thinking matter”  Extensive commentary and links, plenty of hard-core neuroscience, not a lot of anthropology. 

The Third Culture:  “Neuroscience and the Humanities”

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