Greg Downey: Top Twenty 2008

If you like balance, embodied cognition, critiques of evolutionary psychology, neuroplasticity, snarky comments, and language, then Greg is your guy. With meditation, gender, perception and good reporting thrown into the mix too!

Top Ten
Synesthesia & metaphor — I’m not feeling it
Girls gone guilty: Evolutionary psych on sex #2
Identical twins not… err… identical?
Brain doping poll results in
Girls closing math gap?: Troubles with intelligence #1
Bad brain science: Boobs caused subprime crisis
Our Blessed Lady of the Cerebellum
Chicks dig jerks?: Evolutionary psych on sex #1
Psychiatry affects human psychology: e.g., ‘bipolar’ children
We hate memes, pass it on…

Eleven to Twenty
How well do we know our brains?
Get into trance: Felicitas Goodman
Two languages, one brain and theory of mind
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis was right… about adults
Neuroplasticity on the radio
Equilibrium, modularity, and training the brain-body
How your brain is not like a computer
‘Innate’ fear of snakes?
Relax your genes
Is evolutionary psychology really rational choice theory?

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