Daniel Lende: Top Twenty 2008

If you like addiction, video games, brains both pretty and damaged, biocultural interactions, funny videos, and internet resources, then Daniel is your guy. With some brain mechanisms, obesity, and loose morals thrown into the mix too!

Top Ten
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City
Poverty Poisons the Brain
Brain vs. Philosophy? Howard Gardner Gets Us Across!
Steven Pinker and the Moral Instinct
Dopamine and Addiction – Part One
Jeff Lichtman’s Brainbows
Encephalon #48: The Usual Suspects
Anthropology and Neuroscience Podcasts
Decision Making and Emotion

Eleven to Twenty
MMORPG Anthropology: Video Games and Morphing Our Discipline
Genetics and Obesity
Sleep, Eat, Sex – Orexin Has Something to Say
The Neural Buddhists of David Brooks
Jean-Pierre Changeux, Gerald Edelman, and How the Mind Works
The Legend of the Crystal Skull
Video Games, Brain and Psychology Round Up
Cultural Neuroscience
Culture and Inequality in the Obesity Debate
The Allegory of the Trolley Problem Paradox

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