Anthropology and Neuroscience Podcasts

Similar to the earlier post on video resources online, I have compiled here a list of podcasts for your perusal. I have split them into neuroscience and anthropology categories. And please, if you have some worthy additions to make, please comment below!

One general place to look is PodFeed, where you can do searches for your favorite topics. Here’s one I found from Disarmament Insight on What Do We Know About Levels of Human Violence?

You can also try sites like Open Culture’s Podcast Library, Podcasting News, Blinkx (primarily video) and Radio OpenSource.

You can also check out two great audio resources online, National Public Radio and the British Broadcasting Company. Here’s a piece from NPR, Lack of Sleep Linked to Later Health Problems. And one from BBC, What Factors Determine What We Eat? I found these through word searches such as anthropology, brain and culture from the main page.

Anthropology Podcasts

Society for Applied Anthropology Podcasts
Recent podcast: The Art and Science of Applied Anthropology

Anthropology.Net Podcasts
Recent podcast: Ancient DNA from the Neanderthal Genome

American Anthropological Association Podcast Series
Recent podcast: Recent developments at the Association

Neuroscience Podcasts

Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science Podcasts is a great place to start and to finish too!
Recent podcast: Interview with Rachel Herz, author of The Scent of Desire

The Dana Foundation Audio Archive
Recent podcast: Neuroscience Meets Psychoanalysis

Royal College of Psychiatrists Let Wisdom Guide
Recent podcast: Virtual reality study of paranoid thinking in the general populace

Scientific American Podcasts
Recent podcast: Never You Mine: Ben Stein’s Selective Quoting of Darwin

Cognitive Neuroscience Arena Podcasts
Recent podcast: Interview with Dr. Maria Jonsdottir

Montreal Neurological Institute
Recent podcast: Accelerating Medical Research: The Myelin Repair Foundation

Lancet Neurology Podcasts
Recent podcast: Strokes in children and more

American Academy of Neurology Podcasts
Recent podcast: Executive function, memory impairment, and REM sleep

American Journal of Psychiatry Podcasts
Recent podcast: Highlights from the February issue

Nature NeuroPod
Recent podcast: A mixed bag on imaging, aggression, sexuality, and exercise

6 thoughts on “Anthropology and Neuroscience Podcasts

  1. Hello there

    Someone made contact with me to suggest I should let you know about:

    All in the Mind – exploring the mind, culture, brain and behaviour in interdisciplinary ways with thinkers worldwide.
    Broadcast and podcast
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    There’s an associated blog also. Alongwith 4 weeks of audio (and a full archive of transcripts here

  2. I found this post and this site while researching a blog post of my own. Being as I suffer from depression, I have a marked interest in all things neuroscientific so I was thrilled that I stumbled upon this blog.

    FYI, I wrote up a post referencing this excellent list of neuroscience podcasts, but I’m using Blogger Draft mode scheduling so it won’t show up until Tuesday. I hope.

    Thanks again for this site!

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