Last night we hit 100,000 on-site vists. Greg and I want to thank everyone who has come to our blog. It’s been a great ride over the past months, something we’ve both enjoyed. We never imagined that the site would grow so quickly.

Thank you as well to everyone out there who has stumbled or linked or commented or otherwise enriched what we do here. And thanks also to the people who read the blog through the feed. While you don’t go into the official stats, we know there are a lot of you!

Finally, if any of you are interested in what the top 10 have been since last December, here they are:

Cultural Aspects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Thinking on Meaning and Risk

Poverty Poisons the Brain

Girls Gone Guilty: Evolutionary Psych on Sex #2

Brain Doping Poll Results In

Brain vs. Philosophy: Howard Gardner Get Us Across!

Synesthesia and Methaphor – I’m Not Feeling It


Steven Pinker and the Moral Instinct

Dopamine and Addiction – Part One

Anthropology and Neuroscience Podcasts

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