Got Questions? Find Answers at Encephalon 52

Ouroboros is hosting Encephalon this time around. This edition provides plenty of answers to those questions we’ve always had, such as the relationships between depression and neurogenesis, the molecular basis of bipolar disorder, and particularly important for me, the perceptual basis of tone deafness (I now have an explanation for my wife…). Plus lots of good stuff from the usual suspects.

It’s a comprehensive edition, so check it out. One I really liked was a review of “grandmother neurons,” or the idea that a single neuron encodes a single concept. Over at Neurotic Physiology, we have “context, personality, and brain imaging,” examining recent research on attachment styles, social cues, and differing underlying neural correlates. Finally, the Neurocritic gives us a gender perspective on Olympics coverage, boiling down to fewer clothes = more coverage. So there’s some neuroscience, some interactions, and some anthropology for you!

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