Our Top Ten, Six Months In

Both of us, Greg (intro here) and Daniel (intro here), have been posting for six months now. So it’s a good time to get a list of our top ten posts out to everyone. Thanks for all your support!

Poverty Poisons the Brain

Brain Doping Poll Results In

Cultural Aspects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Thinking on Meaning and Risk

Synesthesia & Metaphor — I’m Not Feeling It

Anthropology and Neuroscience Podcasts

Dopamine and Addiction — Part One

Steven Pinker and the Moral Instinct

The Legend of the Crystal Skull

How Well Do We Know Our Brains?

Bad Brain Science: Boobs Caused Subprime Crisis

For authorship, it’s a great mix: Greg wrote four of those posts, Daniel five, and Erin Finley, our newest blogger, also contributed one. We all look forward to providing more neuroanthropology over the next six months!

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