Science and the City Podcasts

Thanks to Laura over at Psique for pointing out a great source of podcasts, Science and the City, produced by the New York Academy of Sciences.

The podcasts cover the gamut, for example from scotch to champagne, and often have accompanying multimedia (a video clip, parts of the slide show, sometimes a wrap-up article). They are based on “interviews, conversations, and lectures by noted scientists and authors,” truly a diverse and high-quality group with a frequent focus on interdisciplinary topics.

Some relevant neuroanth ones?

Distortions of Memory, based on a public discussion between Deirdre Bair, Bruno Clement, Maryse Conde, William Hirst, and Edward Nersessian. They bring views from linguistics, literature, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychoanalysis to bear on our understanding of memory

Biology of Freedom: “Psychoanalysts and neuroscientists discuss the effect of the environment on brain activity and micro-anatomy” featuring Edward Nersessian, Pierre Magistretti, Francois Ansermet, Cristina Alberini, Daniel Schechter, and Donald Pfaff

Perception through the Five Senses: “A perfumer, a chef, a neurologist, a sound engineer, and a painter discuss how we take in the world” Just wondering, is the neurologist actually a phrenologist? Because he appears to be representing touch…

And for fun, learn about how to forage in Central Park.

Plus lots others ably summarized at Psique—so check them out!

This post also gives me the chance to point that Ginger is moving her Brain Science Podcast. Here’s the new site:
Ginger’s most recent episode covered Michael Arbib on Mirror Neurons, definitely a relevant topic for us.

Also, the great series on applied anthropology continues, this time on the political construction of global infectious disease.

If you’re looking for more anthropology and neuroscience podcasts, check out my original comprehensive list—definitely one of our most popular posts.

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