Connector or Polarizer by Wondermark

I recently posted Demons on the Web, which discussed the phenomenon of internet-based communities that arise around what many of us might label mental disorders. (I am absolutely sure that all of you read Kotaku religiously for its coverage of gaming…) So here is a great cartoon from the web-comic Wondermark which is penned by David Malki:

All are Shaped by Circumstance
Wondermark: All are Shaped by Circumstance

Many thanks to Brian Johnson of Recursive Sagacity for pointing this out!

PhD Comics: Piled Higher and Deeper

Meg Towle, a former student of mine and now on a Marshall Scholarship, sent me this link to PhD Comics. Very funny. Here’s one I found that was particularly appropriate for Meg:

Our own Paul Mason just used a PhD comic in his latest post on the travails of field work. If you want to know more about the comics, including the 200 most popular ones, go here. You can even get books collecting the work of Jorge Cham, the cartoonist who has compared me to a ninja.

Coincidentally Meg and I just published an article together entitled “Community Approaches to Preventing Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission: Perspectives from Rural Lesotho .” So kudos to Meg!