Meet the Family: Human Evolution

Here’s a video I found this week and used in my lecture on human evolution on Thursday. It’s well put together, and provides a good visualization of some major moments/species over the past six million years. A few ideas that are still being debated in the field might get slipped in, and this video represents a “splitter” view (seeing more species in the fossil record than the “lumpers”, including the Neanderthals as separate). But overall I liked it.

4 thoughts on “Meet the Family: Human Evolution

  1. I couldn’t help reflecting how the haunting music of Sigur Ros created an epic layer to the story of our ancestors. The open spaces in the music created a cavity that emphasized the huge gaps in our knowledge and the intense loneliness of our hominid existence; The lack of spoken narrative, but songs of another tongue, emboldened the sensation that the story is there, but untold, sung in a voice we are yet to understand; The extended crescendos combined with an evocative percussion motivating and inspired. If only we could hear the accompaniment of all life, connect the dots through an all-encompassing mode of perception that danced in the light of a reality that is all to thin.

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