HOME by Yann Arthus-Bertrand & other YouTube must-sees

HOME is a spectacular journey of epic photography that everyone must watch. It is available for free on YouTube, so click on the link, load the film and take 90mins of your life to learn about our planet, your home.
It is my hope that one day, growing knowledge about the brain and a deeper awareness of human cultures will help us to align our cultural habits with our ecological boundaries. I do not believe that humans will be the first species to live forever, but hopefully long enough to survive the next great evolutionary bottleneck. This post is but a small list of YouTube must-see videos that I highly reccomend watching. There are films about climate change, global warming and the Great Plastic Vortex in the Pacific Ocean. Hopefully one day, humans will realise with humility that we are not the rule, but the exception.
David Attenborough celebrates the Bicentenary of Darwin’s publication of the Origin of Species:
So what does he have to say about global warming: David Attenborough on Climate change
Ali G on Recycling and Global warming
A look at the last 50 years of Environmental Protection in Europe:
A message about what we can do to create more sustainable ways of living:
A lot of attention has been given to our Carbon footprint. However, this has been drawing attention away from non-biodegradeable pollution namely Plastics.
Jacques Yves-Cousteau said that “Man protects what he loves” and he taught people around the world to love the world under the sea.
(please forgive the mispronunciation of Yves which should be pronounced like the english, ‘Eve’)
Yet despite Jacques Yves Cousteau’s efforts we have still managed to create The Great Pacific Plastic Trash Island that is at the most hesitant estimates twice the size of Great Britain, at the worst, covering the entire Pacific:
Household power consumption expressed in the unit of the everyday light bulb which uses 1 kWh per day:
Brain Science and Climate Change:
And finally, even if you don’t speak french, THIS MOVIE is the most touching and yet horrifying film I have seen yet. It takes you through some incredible footage of animals helping other animals–from other species: A hippopotamus saves a crocodile’s prey and nurses it to recovery; a wildcat mothers a baby monkey; a huskie and a polar-bear demonstrate friendship… But wait for the end. A human walks onto the road, gets hit by a car and no one, no one helps the poor victim. A provocative choice of editing to convey a compelling message.
Our productivist and consumerist lifestyles are fast becoming global and we are forced to ask: how many more planets will it take to support our materialist drives? In new and imaginative ways, it is time for us to realise our humanity. How can we expect the people of the developing world to learn from our mistakes, if we ourselves are not demonstrating the lessons learnt?
L’histoire a demontré que l’homme peut repeter la meme erreur un incroyable nombre de fois, même si on exclut les cas d’erreur apparente ou l’interet general est sacrifié a celui de quelques particuliers et  l’operation est  soigneusement preparée d’avance. Comment pouvons-nous esperer que les populations des pays en voie de developpement puissent profiter de  l’experience de nos erreurs si nous sommes, nous-memes, incapables d’en tirer une lecon?

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