Wednesday Round Up #85

Short and sweet this week, with me mixing it up on top, and then going basic down below.

The Top and Then Some

David Brooks, The Young And The Neuro
Describes what social cognitive neuroscience is and why it’s becoming popular. If only Brooks knew about neuroanthropology, then he’d really know how to get a better, if still slippery, grasp on culture.

The Neurocritic, The Neurocinema Collection
First in the critical series exploration the latest neuro mash-up. The Neurocritic continues with The Hyperscanning of ‘Paranormal Activity’: A Neurocinematic Study of Collective Fear

Dan Myers, Generation Gulp
Apparently beer pong is becoming a hip diversion for the elderly. Includes the Youtube video of a 90-year-old grandma playing beer pong.

Michael White, Networks Are Killing Science
I thought networks were supposed to explain everything… Not! Why many researchers don’t comprehend what it means to test a theory. What goes wrong?

John Blevins, We Were Powerless: Addiction, The Will, And The Evangelical Roots Of The Twelve Steps
Explores whether or not Alcoholics Anonymous is effective in dealing with addiciton. Also, gives some other treatment/recovery options.

Vaughan Bell, A Shadow of Your Former Self
Mind Hacks rounds up the latest around Thomas Metzinger’s new book, Ego Tunnel

Jonah Lehrer, Information Craving
Wanting information and health care – always more?

Kalman Applbaum, “Mind Games”: A Session Presented at the SMA at Yale
Overview of an excellent Society for Medical Anthropology panel looking at globalizing biopsychiatry and social movements

Rex @ Savage Minds, Enclosure, Area Studies, and Virtual Worlds
Looks like digital anthropology is coming of age!

Brian @ Cognition and Culture, g Tum-mo Heat Meditation
Mind powers of Tibetan monks – the regulation of body temperature, including in specific parts of the body


NPR, Farmers: What Do You Think Of Pollan’s Ideas?
Farmers fight back on NPR. Michael Pollan fights for food to be grown on small, local farms. Is this practical or not?

Alex Witchel, Putting America’s Diet On A Diet
Cooking your way to a diet – a challenge for children and adults to change their unhealthy eating habits in this NYT Magazine feature article.

David DiSalvo, Does A Sweet Tooth In Youth Really Make For A Dangerous Adult?
One of the more balanced neuro-reviews of the Cardiff University study indicating that children who eat candy every day are more likely to become violent adults.

Razib Khan, Agriculture Produced Its Own Biological Intolerance
Coeliac disease, between genetics, evolution and food production

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