Technorati Science

Technorati is the leading trackers of the blogosphere, and just recently put into place a redesign that permits a more real-time shot of what is happening on the Internet right now – what’s hot, what’s falling, and what the big players are doing.

In the re-design, one of the useful features they’ve included is to categorize blogging. And that includes a Science category, where you can see the top blogs writing about anything science related.

Right now Neuroanthropology is coming it at #29 in the Science category, so that’s great. I think they’ll continue to flesh out the Science category, however. For example, Mind Hacks is not there yet, and that’s a must include.

Wired Science is the top science blog. There’s a cool post there, Wires Inserted into Human Brain Reveal Speech Surprise. But the one I really liked is Scientists Scan the Brains of Mice Playing Quake. Here’s the YouTube video showing mice negotiating a virtual reality maze:

And here’s the link so you can go explore the Technorati Science blogs category.

2 thoughts on “Technorati Science

  1. great to have a science-blogs roundup, but just fyi, that Wired post on language isn’t great. Obviously written by someone lacking in background knowledge of language processing as it relates to neuroscience.
    Don’t know if that’s Wired’s standards as they relate to other disciplines, though.

  2. That video gave me a headache – and a complete flashback to playing Wolfenstein back in the 90s.
    I thought the mice would be shooting virtual felines to smithereens or something cool like that 😉

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