101 Fascinating Brain Blogs

The Online Education Database published their list of 101 Fascinating Brain Blogs this week. There are psychology, psychiatry, technology, neuroscience, ethics and law, multidisciplinary, mental disorders and abnormal psychology, mental health and various brain blog categories. We land in the multidisciplinary category, along with fellow anthro blog Somatosphere.

If you see some that are missing, please feel free to leave a comment below. I didn’t see one on addiction, and recently I have been checking out Addiction Inbox.

One blog on the list that I didn’t know about is the Neuro-Journalism Mill, separating neuroscience stories in the press into wheat and chaff. No suprise that the chaff list is much longer…

I also discovered Half-Full, which covers “science for raising happy kids.” Television, family conflict, being connected – all things that happen in my house!

The hat-tip goes to Laura’s Psychology Blog, and it’s great to see that she too makes the list of 101 fascinating brain blogs.

One thought on “101 Fascinating Brain Blogs

  1. Thanks for the nod to Addiction Inbox. I agree that 101 Brain Blogs ought to include SOMEBODY’S blog on drug addiction–a fast-growing, always fascinating branch of neuroscience.

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