Round Encephalon

Two new carnivals are just out. Grand Rounds, which gathers together the best medical blogging on a weekly basis, is now featured over at Musings of a Distractible Mind. Dr. Rob went above and beyond the call of duty with some funny lines and funnier photos! Among my favorites was an interview with James Orbinski, one of the leaders of Doctors without Borders who accepted the organization’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The latest Encephalon is also out at Highlight Health, rounding up mind and brain related blogging over the past fortnight. Highlight Health brought more than the usual suspects, which is great to see. One of my favorites this time is PodBlack’s piece on the joint sexualization and commercialization of childhood, focusing on the “Australian Girl.” Cognitive Daily’s examination of social exclusion and embodied emotions is also great. Plus lots more – multitasking, alcohol’s effects on the brain, music…

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