Upcoming Conferences

Conferences in September, October, November and December. Please read on.

Free Linguistics Conference

October 11, 2008 – October 12, 2008

Department of Linguistics
University of Sydney
NSW 2006
Camperdown, AU

The aim of this conference is to provide scholars, researchers, postgraduate and undergraduate students with current research issues from all fields of linguistics & TESOL in an open and widely accessible forum.


That same week, there is a three day event:

Music and Movements in Indonesian Culture conference and workshops

Sydney, Australia 7-9 October, 2008 

An interdisciplinary blend of research presentations and  workshops organised by Paul Mason and Alfira O’Sullivan

Tuesday will focus on Music and Movements with an opening lecture by Professor Margaret Kartomi

Wednesday‘s topic will be movements with presentations by Sarah Andrieu, Monika Doxey, Dr Marshall Clark and Dr Nicholas Herriman

Thursday will be themed music and will feature a workshop by established Indonesian artist Deva Permana

For our flyer: musicandmovements

FSMNLP 2008 Finite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing
Ispra, Italy
Date: 11 Sep 2008
to 12 Sep 2008 URL: http://langtech.jrc.it/FSMNLP2008

Workshop on Phonological Variation in Voicing
Leiden, Netherlands
Date: 11 Sep 2008
to 12 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.linguistlist.org/issues/19/19-1771.html

The Agile Mind: Creativity in Discourse and Art
Brussels, Belgium
Date: 11 Sep 2008
to 12 Sep 2008 URL:
BioSem Biosemantics
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date: 12 Sep 2008
to 14 Sep 2008 URL: http://linguistlist.org/LL/posttolinguist.html.

IS Workshop Workshop on Information Structure
London, United Kingdom
Date: 13 Sep 2008
to 15 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/home/is/

TIE3 Third TIE Conference on Tone and Intonation
Lisboa, Portugal
Date: 15 Sep 2008
to 17 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.fl.ul.pt/LaboratorioFonetica/TIE3/

PALA 8th Symposium on Processability Approaches to Language
Verona, Italy
Date: 15 Sep 2008
to 16 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.processability.net

WBBTMine’08 Wikis, Blogs, Bookmarking Tools – Mining the Web 2.0
Antwerp, Belgium
Date: 15 Sep 2008
URL: http://www.kde.cs.uni-kassel.de/ws/wbbtmine2008/

Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Sydney, Australia
Date: 16 Sep 2008
to 19 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.kr.org/KR2008/

ECAG ’08 Facial and Bodily Expressions for Control and Adaptation of Games
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Date: 16 Sep 2008
URL: http://hmi.ewiutwente.nl/conference/ECAG08

The Eight ACM Symposium on Document Engineering
S㯠Paulo, Brazil
Date: 16 Sep 2008
to 19 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.icmc.usp.br/doceng08

KROW 2008 Knowledge Representation Ontology Workshop
Sydney, Australia
Date: 16 Sep 2008
to 19 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~kr2008/krow.html

Porvoo, Finland
Date: 17 Sep 2008
to 19 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.haikko.fi/kokoukset/en_GB/presentation/

The Eighth IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems
Nara, Japan
Date: 17 Sep 2008
to 19 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.u-pat.org/das08/

Language Diversity and the Acquisition of Linguistic Semantic Knowledge
Wroclaw, Poland
Date: 18 Sep 2008
to 19 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.zsi.pwr.wroc.pl/MISSI2008/LDALSK/

Sixth International Workshop on Writing Systems
Braunschweig, Germany
Date: 18 Sep 2008
to 19 Sep 2008 URL: http://www2.ru.nl/WrittenLanguage

Discourse Coherence – Text and Theory (MIC 2008 Sorbonne)
Paris, France
Date: 18 Sep 2008
to 20 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.celta.paris-sorbonne.fr/

HLIE08 Workshop on High-level Information Extraction
Antwerp, Belgium
Date: 19 Sep 2008
URL: http://www-ai.cs.tu-dortmund.de/HLIE08

Advances in Ethnography, Language and Communication
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Date: 20 Sep 2008
URL: http://www.ioe.ac.uk/schools/clc/elc/callforpapersaston.pdf

Science of Aphasia 9
Chalkidiki, Greece
Date: 20 Sep 2008
to 25 Sep 2008 URL: www.soa-online.com

BNC 2008 Bertinoro International Summer School of Natural Computation
Bertinoro, Italy
Date: 20 Sep 2008
to 27 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.dmi.unict.it/~bnc/

SAPA 2008 Statistical and Perceptual Audition
Brisbane, Australia
Date: 21 Sep 2008
URL: http://www.sapa2008.org/

16th International Symposium on Graph Drawing
Crete, Greece
Date: 21 Sep 2008
to 24 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.gd2008.org/

Human-machine comparisons of consonant recognition in quiet and noise
Brisbane, Australia
Date: 22 Sep 2008
to 26 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.interspeech2008org/

9th International Colloquium on Grammatical Inference
Brittany, France
Date: 22 Sep 2008
to 24 Sep 2008 URL: http://icgi08.irisa.fr

LIPS 2008: Visual Speech Synthesis Challenge
Brisbane, Australia
Date: 22 Sep 2008
to 26 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.interspeech2008.org

STEP 2008 Symposium on Semantics in Systems for Text Processing
Venice, Italy
Date: 22 Sep 2008
to 24 Sep 2008 URL: http://project.cgm.unive.it/html/STEP2008/index.htm

EAMT Conference 2008
Hamburg, Germany
Date: 22 Sep 2008
to 23 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.eamt.org

Brisbane, Australia
Date: 22 Sep 2008
to 26 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.interspeech2008org/

FDIA 2008 The 2nd BCS IRSG Symposium: Future Directions in Information Access 2008
London, United Kingdom
Date: 22 Sep 2008
URL: http://irsg.bcs.org/fdia2008

The 12th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation
Hamburg, Germany
Date: 22 Sep 2008
to 23 Sep 2008 URL: http://nats-www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/view/EAMT08/WebHome

HAIS´08 3rd International Workshop on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems
Burgos, Spain
Date: 24 Sep 2008
to 26 Sep 2008 URL: http://www2.ubu.es/hais2008/home.shtml

GCLA-08/DGKL-08 3rd Intl Conf German Cognitive Linguistics Assoc
Leipzig, Germany
Date: 25 Sep 2008
to 28 Sep 2008 URL: http://webapp.rrz.uni-hamburg.de/~DGKL/GCLA_08/

Prototypicality, Gradience and Fuzzines in Cognitive Linguistics
Leipzig, Germany
Date: 25 Sep 2008
to 27 Sep 2008 URL: http://www.uni-leipzig.de/~gcla08/modules.php?name=home&lang=english

Workshop on the Question Generation Task and Evaluation Challenge
Arlington, VA, United States
Date: 25 Sep 2008
to 26 Sep 2008 URL: www.questiongeneration.org

ICCG-5 Fifth International Conference on Construction Grammar
Texas, United States
Date: 26 Sep 2008
to 28 Sep 2008 URL: http://constructiongrammarorg

For more upcoming conferences, please see: http://www.aaanet.org/meetings/meetings_cal.cfm 



How can we teach corporeal culture?

There is a call for Papers for the 2nd Body in Movement Conference to be held in Montpellier, France from the 3rd till the 6th of June, 2009.

The organisers hope to gather researchers from all fields interested in the moving body. These disciplines include the health and life sciences as well as the social sciences and other areas of research including robotics, physics, philosophy, linguistics and psychoanalysis etc.

 The scientific committee for this conference is abundant with researchers from Europe and the Americas. Furthermore, Montpellier, which boasts one of the world’s oldest Medical Universities, is a beautiful town with a very user-friendly transport system.

The topics of the conference are as follows:

Topic 1: artificialisations and bionisations of the body, monsters, teratologies…

Topic 2: interculturality, body & movement

Topic 3: images and settings in scenes of the body

Topic 4: body education at school and elsewhere

Topic 5: body and genre

The call for papers closes October 30th.

GW 2009 The 8th International Gesture Workshop
Bielefeld, Germany
Due date: 12 Sep 2008
URL: www.GW2009.de

1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation: Supporting Small Languages Together
Hawai’i, United States
Due date: 15 Sep 2008
URL: http://nflrc.hawaii.edu/ICLDC09

Groningen, Netherlands
Due date: 15 Sep 2008
URL: http://www.let.rug.nl/tlt

TLIR’08 Second International Workshop on Teaching and Learning of Information Retrieval
London, United Kingdom
Due date: 15 Sep 2008
URL: http://www.soi.city.ac.uk/~andym/TLIR08/

The Emergence of Linguistic Patterns
Melbourne, Australia
Due date: 15 Sep 2008
URL: http://ipra.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=.CONFERENCE11&n=1346

TAC Text Analysis Conference
Maryland, United States
Due date: 16 Sep 2008
URL: http://www.nist.gov/tac/

ICCPOL 2009 Language Technology for the Knowledge-based Economy
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Due date: 19 Sep 2008
URL: http://www.comp.polyu.edu.hk/~iccpol09

ICCS2009 3rd International Conference of Cognitive Science
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Due date: 21 Sep 2008
URL: http://www.iccs.ir

RASCAL Relating Asymmetries between Speech & Comprehension in the Acquisition of Language
Groningen, Netherlands
Due date: 22 Sep 2008
URL: http://www.rug.nl/let/RASCAL2009

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