Encephalon from Africa is out! Ioian Enchantment is hosting this week from South Africa. Plenty of good stuff this time around, including Neurotic Physiology on how culture shapes the way we look at faces, the new Neuronism on athletes predicting the future, and Effortless Incitement on how chimpanzees use self-distraction to deal with impulsivity. Plus more stuff I want to mention, but you’ll just have to go check out the enchantment!

Tangled Bank #112 came out last week with the latest on evolution, natural history and the like over at Science Notes. Interested in why chili peppers are so damn hot? Blame evolution. Plus Ioian Enchantment, our Encephalon Host, covers the recent research on chimpanzees hunting with spears.

Science After Sunclipse is hosting Carnival of the Elitist Bastards this time around, standing up for all things intellectual. It’s worth it just for the effort put into creating a verse poem for a carnival! Having just done some birding while camping, this post – complete with some great photos of sandpipers – was just enjoyable.

Finally there is a new Carnival of Evolution. Yes, #1. Among featured pieces there’s this impressive consideration of evolution’s most important cellular/molecular inventions, going from gene expression to body plans.

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