American Association for the Advancement of Science

The American Association for the Advancement of Science proudly declares itself the world’s largest scientific organization. As the publisher of Science, they’ve got plenty to be proud about. But for this blog, it’s the online resources they offer that are of interest.

Here are some highlights.

Evolution Resources: One stop shopping from the AAAS on evolution and the public, including education, religion, and intelligent design

The Science Inside: Obesity Comprehensive book on what’s known about obesity (part of Healthy People Library Project)

Healthy People Library Project, Online Books Summaries of science research on seven different health disorders

Brent Garland, Neurosciences and the Law: Brain, Mind and the Scales of Justice Summary of a AAAS meeting, published in 2004

The AAAS also has assorted programs and and activities as well as a number of publications, some free and online, others not.

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