Intelligent Design & Creationism

Dr. X recently posted this YouTube video on how creation “science” lead directly into intelligent design, a key component in the Dover legal case that went against the teaching of intelligent design. The video summarizes the work done by the National Center for Science Education to show that the textbook Of Pandas and People was “creationism in disguise.”

I also found this related video about the work of Barbara Forrest, a philosophy professor at Southeastern Louisiana University, a key witness who analyzed the early drafts of Of Pandas and People to show how drafts of the book went from talking about creationism to framing everything in terms of intelligent design.

4 thoughts on “Intelligent Design & Creationism

  1. God created everything. Where do you think the very first cell came from? The Bible – God’s word is the is the truth. I am learning about evolution in a college class and I can tell you that they really don’t know anything for sure, there are always others who disagree and have a different take on fossil findings and conclusions. They will never find the missing link. We were created not evolved.

  2. They are threatened by creationism, that is why they are attacking it. God created man, the heavens and the earth. I took evolution courses in college and they have not proven anything for sure. Where did the first cell come from or the first anything? God created everything. They don’t want you to believe this because they don’t want you to think you answer to God, they want you to answer to them/government etc. The new world order is coming. No I am not crazy and I have researched and studied a lot. I am educated with a high GPA. I have researched and studied both sideso of the coin. God created us and you will never find that missing link you are looking for. I hope this post gets even just one person to wake up and see the truth.

    1. For all of Teddi’s discussion of his research of both sides of the coin and his high GPA, I think he misses the point in the video that the ‘missing link’ is that between creationism and intelligent design.

      Ultimately, I think Teddi’s correct in one regard; science is threatened by creationism, but not because scientists fear its deep ‘truth.’ Rather, turning acceptance of science into a moral issue, associating rejection of science with theological virtue and holding bull-headed mysticism as the only way to be religious, is a direct threat to a society based on reason, evidence, rational debate, and so many of the values that we hold dear. It has polluted US politics and science policy, even affecting medical research.

      I don’t usually get into slagging matches with Creationists because it’s too easy to start sounding like their mirror opposite. Because they do not respect evidence or reason, unless you’re careful, you wind up arguing by their rules. That’s fine, and as regular readers know, I’m happy to come up with a snarky insult or belittling characterization when it suits me, but it means that the Creationists (or proponents of ID or whatever they want to call themselves) kind of win the framing struggle. They ignore evidence, reason, and science, they make arguments that are tendentious, irrational, illogical, personal, emotional, or plain irrelevant, and — if they’re successful — they drag us over into this frame.

      So, Teddi, no offense, but you’re welcome to believe whatever you like. But don’t delude yourself that your view is based on ‘research.’ If I read a lot of gossip magazines and said that I had done ‘research’ on human nature, no one would take me too seriously. Just let yourself be what you are; if faith could be supported by facts and evidence, it would be too easy. It wouldn’t be faith. I don’t have that particular kind of reality-resistant faith, and I’m not sure what having it gets you, but let it just be what it is.

      If God wanted you to believe something that was illogical, and all this evidence of evolution is just a test of your faith, then I doubt very seriously that he’s going to let up on you. Evolutionary theorists, paleoanthropologists, geneticists, and others are likely to find more and more and more evidence to further refine, expand, and develop evolutionary theory. If that’s God’s MO, I doubt very seriously that he’s buried any remains out there in the desert or under the ice that are going to suddenly say, ‘Ha, ha… I was just yanking your chain with everything else that I buried out there. Psych! Yours truly, God.’

      Do whatever you want with your faith and beliefs, but don’t call that ‘science.’ You insult us both.

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