Discovery Channel on pushing the body’s limits

I’ve been enjoying the Discovery Channel’s series, The Human Body: Pushing The Limits, in dribs and drabs, watching the bits that are posted on You Tube. (Here’s the first part of the episode on Sensation, which is pretty good.) When I first read the description of the four-part series, I worried someone had already done a video version of the book I’m working on:

Human Body: Pushing the Limits takes you across continents and introduces you to people who have pushed their bodies to the max. Using CGI technology and hi-tech camera work, see their physical ordeals in vivid detail both externally and internally.

In fact, the series is not very deep, but the CGI graphics of throbbing nerves, eyes swiveling, sweat glands, and other anatomical marvels are pretty groovy. It’s well worth checking it out — there’s a whole lot of segments on You Tube. The four episodes were on Sight, Strength, Sensation, and Brain Power. I’ll probably try to get my hands on a DVD copy when it comes out and use it in my teaching.

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