Anthropology in the News

If you need to get your daily anthropology fix (besides here, of course!), two sites highlight anthropology topics appearing in the news. Besides mentioning them here, I’ve added both to the blogroll for future reference.

The first, literally Anthropology in the News, is run by the Texas A&M Department of Anthropology. You can even set up a RSS feed. It covers the four fields, with a slight tendency towards more biological and archaeology news, and simply provides the links to other articles. Here’s one interesting example, Cultural Biases May Influence Parenting Studies, Scientist Finds, which examines how country-of-origin of researchers impacts their interpretation and rating of parenting behaviors.

The second is Antropologi.Info, with the subtitle of Social and Cultural Anthropology in the News. So it provides a useful complement. It provides more in-depth coverage but not as many links. One example is the piece Examples of Engaging Anthropology – New Issue of “Anthropology Matters”.

So enjoy!

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