I just came across a fascinating site worthy of some gourmet exploration. Foodspotting is a site that allows readers to upload photos of food linked to geographic information and also to short descriptions of the food featured in said picture. As they say:

It’s just about the food: It’s not about the place, the price, the surroundings, the crowd or the nutritional value — it’s just about good food and where to find it.

Good food can be found anywhere: We built Foodspotting to work in any city, small town or country from the start. It encourages exploration — trying new things vs. following the crowd.

So here I can find out what dishes people are recommending in Colombia. That mazorca in the photo here is one of my favorite street foods in Colombia – this one came from the Usaquen district in Bogota.

Belgium is there, a place I really enjoy traveling.

Or in my new home city of Tampa.

So go explore food over at Foodspotting

One thought on “Foodspotting

  1. A newcomer in the foodies web apps area is Gourmious:

    The nice thing is that you can review dishes and restaurants so you don’t need to go back and forth between multiple sites to get what you want.

    Gourmious is taking a different approach regarding their mobile app. It is what we call a “mobile web app” so it has the advantage to run on 4 different mobile platforms: iPhone, Android, Palm Pre and Blackberry.

    I think it is made by a foodie living in the SF bay area.

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