Royal Society Neuroscience and Cognition Articles Free

For the month of July 2010, Royal Society Publishing is providing free access to all their neuroscience and cognition articles.

To give you just one example, here is Joan Chiao & Katherine Blizinsky’s 2010 article (pdf) (sometimes problematic link…). The abstract reads:

Culture–gene coevolutionary theory posits that cultural values have evolved, are adaptive and influence the social and physical environments under which genetic selection operates. Here, we examined the association between cultural values of individualism–collectivism and allelic frequency of the serotonin transporter functional polymorphism (5-HTTLPR) as well as the role this culture–gene association may play in explaining global variability in prevalence of pathogens and affective disorders. We found evidence that collectivistic cultures were significantly more likely to comprise individuals carrying the short (S) allele of the 5-HTTLPR across 29 nations. Results further show that historical pathogen prevalence predicts cultural variability in individualism–collectivism owing to genetic selection of the S allele. Additionally, cultural values and frequency of S allele carriers negatively predict global prevalence of anxiety and mood disorder. Finally, mediation analyses further indicate that increased frequency of S allele carriers predicted decreased anxiety and mood disorder prevalence owing to increased collectivistic cultural values. Taken together, our findings suggest culture–gene coevolution between allelic frequency of 5-HTTLPR and cultural values of individualism–collectivism and support the notion that cultural values buffer genetically susceptible populations from increased prevalence of affective disorders. Implications of the current findings for understanding culture–gene coevolution of human brain and behaviour as well as how this coevolutionary process may contribute to global variation in pathogen prevalence and epidemiology of affective disorders, such as anxiety and depression, are discussed.

Here’s a whole list copied of what is freely available in just one journal:

Autism and talent(freely available)
Predictions in the brain: using our past to prepare for our future(freely available)
Mechanisms and functions of brain and behavioural lateralization(freely available)
Sensory learning(freely available)
Neuroeconomics(freely available)
The neurobiology of violence(freely available)
The neurobiology of addiction(freely available)
Japan: its tradition and hot topics in biological sciences(freely available)
The sapient mind: archeology meets neuroscience(freely available)
Perception of Speech (freely available)
Stem cells and brain repair (freely available)
Models of natural action selection (freely available)
Mental processes in the human brain (freely available)
Social intelligence: from brain to culture(freely available)
The use of artificial neural networks to study perception in animals(freely available)
The neurobiology of social recognition, attraction and bonding (freely available)

Link to Royal Society Publishing Neuroscience and Cognition articles.

7 thoughts on “Royal Society Neuroscience and Cognition Articles Free

  1. I am Cosmologist by passion.I often think about, how we think? cosmology is science of the Universe. we try to read Mind of God,but we are not “authentic” our mind,we are also not authentic that how and why we think.My daughter Laila Khalid is co-researcher with me in this field “that how we think?
    In our Theory of Mind,heart plays central role in thinking.Brain is only “Memory machine” in all livings.We Think by Heart! Its realy “Heart Blowing” and not “Mind Blowing” idea! Animals with out having their Brain also think and are more smart than man in some cases. Our mind is in our Heart,not in Brain. thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Khalid Masood

  2. I am cosmologist by passion. I often think about thinking that how we think?
    Cosmology is science of the universe.
    Cosmologists study the universe as a whole: its birth, growth,shape,size and eventual fate.

    We try to read the ‘Mind of God’, but we are not “authentic” of our mind. We are not also authentic that how and why we think. My daughter Laila Khalid is co-researcher with me in this field “how we think?”
    In our Theory of Mind, heart plays central role in thinking. Brain is only “memory machine” in all livings. We think with heart!
    It’s realy “heart blowing” and not “mind blowing” idea!
    Animals without having their brain also think and are more smart than human in some cases. Our mind is in our heart, not in brain.

    The human brain is not designed to be creative. The heart performs an incredible number of tasks. It lets you think, dream and experience emotions. It controls body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. It also controls a flood of information about the world around you from your various senses- seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, etc.
    All of these tasks are controlled and regulated by heart and coordinated with brain. Our new theory of mind is a “unified theory of mind-body”, a Holy Grail of Philosophy, which will also settle the mind over body problem.
    Heart gives us the power to think, plan, speak,imagine……It is truly an amazing organ.
    I would love you to comment, share/co-author with my theory.
    Khalid Masood
    Street:36 B, Block A, Faisal Town, Lahore,

  3. Sir,

    I’m a researcher working on “Time Theory of Everything”.

    My motto is: “ One day of a researcher’s life is better than 100 years life of a king “ !

    Universe is my everything and I am in search of a “Theory of Everything”!!

    My passion is about Cosmology, nature of the Universe, Physics, Theory of Everything, nature of TIME, origins of LIFE and Consciousness.
    The only truth about the physical Universe is that it is not physical ! The smartest thing of the Universe is Universe itself ! Universe is not only small and finite. Universe ‘on the whole’ is smartest phenomenon of the Universe ! ‘On the whole’ Universe is ‘shapeless’, ‘massless’ and ‘weightless’. I CAN PICK IT UP !!!
    Einstein’s “second law,” m = E/ c^2 i.e. m = E/ c2 [ How mass drives from pure Energy.], raises the question whether mass can be understood more deeply as energy. And can we build, as Wheeler put it, ” Mass Without Mass “,? are the best predictions in favour of my ” Time Theory of Everything “.
    In my view the first question is “How pure energy drives from TIME?”.
    ”The Universe is not what it used to be, nor what it appears to be.” as Frank W ilczek of MIT quoted in first chapter ‘Getting to it’ of his book titled ” The Lightness of Being ” [ mass, ether, and the unification of forces ] also supports my theory.

    Infinity is finity ‘on the whole’. There is nothing original under the physical phenomena. All physical properties of the universe are secondary in nature.There is a Universe behind the ‘Physical Universe’ which is ‘DARK’ and primary Universe.
    If a “Theory of Everything” is Holy Grail of cosmology, “Time Theory of Everything” is Holy Grail of physics.
    Physicists are hunting for an elusive particle that would reveal the presence of a new kind of field that permeates all of reality. Finding that Higgs field will give us a more complete understanding about how the elusive universe works!
    I believe in bold imagination in research. I believe universe is not acadamic, and is not bound of our physical theories. Capture Higgs particle, ‘eyes on a prize particle’, the search for the Higgs boson [God Particle] and creation of micro black holes is nonsense idea.
    Higgs boson is not Destiny. We have to rethink TIME and ETERNITY.
    Basic and primary stuff of the universe is not physical. All matter, energy and fundamental forces of nature are secondary and reffered by a unified primary force of nature.
    There is a ‘co-ordination force’ in between ‘God’ and all secondary forces of nature, which is more important than Higgs boson !!
    I suggest this force is TIME.
    TIME is invisible presence and the only BASIC BUILDING BLOCK of the Universe and Everything in it !
    Deep down, the particles and forces of the universe are a manifestation of TIME.
    TIME is a coordination force of the Universe and Multiverse referred by Nature.
    Nothing has independent existence except TIME. All three and extra dimensions of space are of time’s dimensions. Time is not a 4th dimension of space. TIME IS ALL DIMENSIONS.
    PASSWORD of TIME is in the Mind of GOD.
    Tell me about the NATURE OF TIME, I can create the UNIVERSE, a MACRO BLACK HOLE, Higgs boson and even LIFE !
    “If all cosmologists of the world say a foolish thing it is still a foolish thing !” I WILL CHANGE THE HISTORY OF TIME ! I have suggested in my ” TIME THEORY OF EVERYTHING ” that God does not play PARTICLES game with the Universe !
    Three of space and one of time that three space dimensions and one of time dimension is wrong idea. Time is included in three space dimensions, but not as a 4th dimension i.e all dimensions of space are dimensions of time.
    TIME IS NOT A MANUFACTURED QUANTITY. Time has independent existence and fundamental. Space is a manufactured quantity and secondary form of time.
    I believe in infinite extra spatial dimensions of ‘TIME’ only, and I know what these dimensions are, but I don’t believe time as extra dimension with space. I don’t believe in extra dimensions of space, I believe in extra dimensions of time! Three dimensions of space and one dimension of of time is absolutely wrong idea. Our physical universe exists in three or 11 dimensions of time! [as string theory proposed,10 of space and one of time dimension]
    “There isn’t just one dimension of time,” says Itzhak Bars of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.”There are two. One whole dimension has until now gone entirely unnoticed by us. Two time / 2T Physics” [New scientist 13 October 2007, Hypertime, Cover story] Why we need two dimensions of time? Why not we need 11 and many more dimensions of TIME !

    My “TIME THEORY OF EVERYTHING” will change the meaning of Matter, Energy, Natural Forces, Consciousness, Life & Extraterrestrial Life and Death !
    I would love to invite science journalists, cosmologists, physicists, and time philosophers of international media to comment “TIME THEORY OF EVERYTHING”.

    Khalid Masood
    Street Address: 36-B, HBFC, Block-A, Faisal Town, Lahore, Pakistan.
    Phone: 00923334642637

    Forget nationalism. One of the greatest tragedies in mankind’s entire history may be that morality was hijacked by nationalism. Nationalism promote violence and discrimination.
    Nationalism is the mother of all crimes. All mankind is brotherhood. To me “A new nation is born” is a dangerous sentence. Quran opposes racism and fascism. We have lost millions of people in the name of nationalism. We have also lost humanity in the name of nationalism. To me all nationalities are my nationalities. I love Indians. I love Americans. I love all nations. I have created this “Cosmopolitan Republic” as a fan to honor the cosmopolite [Citizen Of The World]. I’m proud to be cosmopolite.
    Hopefully, an official release will be made.

    Khalid Masood
    The founder of “Cosmopolitan Republic”.

  5. A New Science Of Life and Matter

    Creator/Author: Khalid Masood

    There is no any kind of elementary particle in the universe,
    instead only ultimate “Extreme Levels Of Time”. Three spatial dimensions
    and one time dimension is absolutly wrong idea.
    There is no Higgs boson-the ‘God particle’. CERN scientists are doing an elusion
    experiment for an elusive particle. Findings are only traces of
    illusion of the elusive boson. There was no Big Bang.
    Merging space and time together into space-time was a good idea. And
    merging space-time into time is my dangerous idea! Space and time,
    space-time, and now time, is my brief history of time in one sentence.
    Time is the eternal fabric of the universe, parallel universes,
    multiverse, hell, and the Heaven. There is a raging debate going on
    about whether the fourth dimension is time, or whether it is a 4th
    spatial dimension. The unification of time and space as a
    four-dimensional continuum (spacetime) and the concept of a fourth
    spatial dimension (four-dimensional space) make no sense. Spatial
    dimensions are no more. Particles and forces of nature are time
    dimensions. All dimensions are time dimensions. Fluctuating extreme
    levels of time are dimensions of time, and behave like particles and
    forces, and are the basic building blocks of every manufactured
    quantity. Matter changes the geometry of space-time itself is not
    true. Time changes the geometry of everything. Geometry exists in its
    own time dimensions. God invented time the Holy Grail of Nature.Time
    exists and is fundamental, independent, and the only real entity of
    the universe. The universe, life, and everything is spam, not real,
    and secondary form of time. Time is infinity and the only singularity
    and has no beginning and no end. Big bang is not the event-of the
    origin of the universe. The very essence of matter is its fundamental
    entanglement with the ultimate non-matter fluctuating extreme levels
    of time. Everything ultimately is boxes of time dimensions. The fundamentals
    of inheritance (Genetics) is in time dimensions structure of DNA, and RNA.
    DNA and RNA are mere boxes of time dimensions. There is no such things as,
    space, motion, particles, forces, and “everything”. All are time dimensions,
    positions just relative-referred quantities occupied by “time”.
    Space is linked to time: space alone has no physical meaning, only
    the “timedimensions” continuum “exists”.
    What exactly defines “Time?”. Time can exist on it’s own.

    Time is not a manufactured quantity. More accurately, time is not
    manufactured, and is not a quantity. Every quantity is manufactured
    except time. Length, mass or force, and motion are forms of time. All
    motion is time. Any change in position of an object is due to the
    extreme level fluctuations of time. Newton’s laws of motion, his study
    of light, and his theory of universal gravitation needs an improved
    model of time physics.

    After Newtonian mechanics and mechanics of particles, I have a bold
    proposal for mechanics of time, a new discipline of physics as a
    branch of TIME COSMOLOGY. Instead of particles, ultimate fluctuating
    extreme levels of time is the eternal fabric of the universe, life,
    nothing, everything, and all the things in between. God does not play
    a particles game with the universe. The particles with speeds
    approaching the speed of light, or a particle speed greater than the
    speed of light in empty space is wrong idea. There is no any
    independent speed of light and no empty space exists. Only time move
    and time field exists. Every pattern in nature-be it a so-called
    sub-atomic particle or a human instinct-is linked by a continually
    evolving organizing, commanding, master primary force”time field” or”t
    field”. Fluctuating extreme levels of time behave like motion in shape
    of particles and photons. It’s the speed of time. Time travel in the
    form of light at its own speed. The speed of time vary with the
    evolution of the universe. The universe’s expansion is not
    accelerating, and there is no such thing as dark energy and dark
    matter. It’s time which is accelerating carrying the universe. The
    time is never dead, disappears, or slowing down. It’s not time, it’s
    matter which is disappearing from the universe.

    Our universe, parallel universes, and Multiverse exists in infinity of
    time dimensions. Multiverse should be named Multitimeverse. In
    parallel universes, and multiverse, parallel lives and multilife
    exists. Time dimensions is the limit, which differentiate our
    universe, and bio-life from parallel universe, parallel lives, and
    multiverse, multilife. Our BioLife, parallel lives, and multilife is
    all extraterrestrial life (aliens) to each other. Sorry!
    we are entirely aliens. Mankind may not be a superior
    intelligence. We are not the main points of Darwin’s theory of
    Evolution by natural selection. Natural selection is a product of
    purely time creatures. We are all creatures of time. My contention is
    that we are counterpart of Aliens in the universe, parallel universes,
    multiverse, and the multitimeverse.

    Please provide your valuable comments, review, discuss or contribute
    anything interesting about this.

    Khalid Masood

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