Complete this quote: “Emotional expressions are crucial to…”

How would you complete this quote?


“Emotional expressions are crucial to…”


This week’s quote is inspired by Paul Ekman who started his career in psychology by performing cross-cultural research into facial emotions. His research has been nothing short of laborious, but he is now one of the most celebrated scientists in Psychology with his wide-reaching research being standard curriculum for psychology students, a part of FBI training, and a source of inspiration for the popular Television show “Lie to me”. He is one of the presenters at the Mind and Its Potential conference to be held in Sydney in December and he has a wealth of books and training materials available online. Ekman believes that, “Emotional expressions are crucial to the development and regulation of interpersonal relationships.” Leave us a reply and tell us what you think emotional expressions are crucial for. 

How would you complete this quote?


“Emotional expressions are crucial to…”

Some highlights from Previous weeks:

Richard Dawkins: “If a meme is to dominate the attention of a human brain, it…”
          Janis wrote: ” … had better have something to do with beer, sex, or pizza.”
Diane Ackerman: “Shaped like a little loaf of French Country bread, our brain is…”
          Anon1 wrote: “… begging for a dose of wine.”
          Janis wrote:  “… just as tasty with a little olive oil and garlic, and low-carb to boot!”
Richard L. Gregory: “One of the difficulties in understanding the brain is…”
          Anon1 wrote: “… once you have dissected it, it doesn’t work anymore.”
Francis Crick: “There is no scientific study more vital to man than…”
          John McCreery wrote: “…woman.”
          Peter wrote: “…the optimal cheese to ham ratio in a ham and cheese sandwich.”
Dr Seuss: “You have brains in your head, you have…”
          Skye wrote: “…brains on your plate, just add some mustard sauce and I’ll bet they taste great!”
          Phredd wrote: “… a fish in your MRI.”
          Stefan wrote: “…thoughts in your brain, thoughts control actions which make us insane.”

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I am a biomedically trained social anthropologist interested in biological and cultural diversity.

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