The Anthropology Song

Cristina Crespo, a former student of mine, just sent me the link to that song. It’s also popping up among my friends over at Facebook. So enjoy.

Here’s the specific YouTube link to The Anthropology Song: A Little Bit Anthropologist.

And the YouTube channel is Daionisio, budding singer/anthropologist. After graduating from UBC, Dai Cooper is now doing a masters in anthro at the University of Toronto.

Gotta love the chorus:

The World seems to increasingly need, Anthropology
Now we’re exploring, asking Who Why and How we be People
The difference between us, is not so much
Tell me your story, your piece of what is Humanity.

4 thoughts on “The Anthropology Song

  1. That is AWESOME! We have to get Cristina Crespo out for the Australian Anthropological Society Conference in December!!! Couldn’t we find some room for an extra plenary-speaker/singer?

    It reminded me of a quote of one of the professors of a friend of mine who did her PhD at EHESS:
    Psychologists are people who feel uneasy in their skin,
    Sociologists are people who feel uneasy in their society,
    Anthropologists are people who feel uneasy in both.

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