Last Day for Abstracts

Encultured Brain Photo
Today is the due date for abstracts for The Encultured Brain conference. I hope to see a bunch more come in!


Abstracts have a 200 word limit. Please follow the example below, and include the following information: name, contact info, title, abstract, and indication for a poster and/or speed presentation. We encourage people to indicate the “Format: Both” option, as this will help us accomodate more people. Note that co-authors are welcomed for posters.

LASTNAME Firstname (Affiliation; email). Title.
Body of abstract.
Format: Poster, Speed Presentation or Both

Here is an example:
LENDE Daniel (Notre Dame; Addiction and Neuroanthropology.
Approaches to addiction have been dominated by reductionist approaches in both the biological and social sciences…
Format: Both

Please email your complete abstract to:

If you want more information on the conference, here’s the main conference page.

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