Encultured Brain: Preliminary Schedule and One Week Left for Abstract Submissions

Encultured Brain PhotoFirst, I wanted to remind everyone that abstracts are due Friday September 4th – one week from today. Abstracts can be emailed to encultured.brain@gmail.com

For more on the conference, here’s our basic information and our official announcement and description.

If you want to come, whether or not you’re going to present, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Abstracts have a 200 word limit. Please follow the example below, and include the following information: name, contact info, title, abstract, and indication for a poster and/or speed presentation. We encourage people to indicate the “Format: Both” option, as this will help us accomodate more people. Note that co-authors are welcomed for posters.

LASTNAME Firstname (Affiliation; email). Title.
Body of abstract.
Format: Poster, Speed Presentation or Both

Here is an example:
LENDE Daniel (Notre Dame; dlende@nd.edu). Addiction and Neuroanthropology.
Approaches to addiction have been dominated by reductionist approaches in both the biological and social sciences…
Format: Both

Please email your complete abstract to: encultured.brain@gmail.com


9:00-9:30         Daniel Lende (Notre Dame), Opening Address: “Neuroscience and the Real World”

9:30-10:50       Speed Presentations

10:50-11:15     Refreshment Break      

11:15-12:30     Patricia Greenfield (UCLA), Keynote Address: “Mirror Neurons: The Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Cultural Processes.”

12:30-2:00       Lunch

2:00-3:00         Poster Session

3:00-4:15         Harvey Whitehouse (Oxford), Keynote Address: “Explaining Religion.”

4:15-4:30         Refreshment Break

4:30-5:30         Methods Roundtable: Joan Chiao (Northwestern), Karl Rosengren (Northwestern), and Claudia Strauss (Pitzer)

5:30-6:00         Greg Downey (Macquarie), Closing Address: “A Brain-Shaped Culture: Ambitions, Acknowledgements and Opportunities.”

6:00-7:15         Reception

You can see the abstracts for the keynotes and opening and closing addresses here.

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