Hosting Four Stone Hearth – send submissions

Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod at

Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod at

We’ll be hosting Four Stone Hearth, the itinerant carnival of anthropology, on 15 July 2009.

So please send us links to your recent postings on anthropology of all sorts. If you can submit them to me by the 12th or 13th, that’d be brilliant; you can reach me at greg{dot}downey{at}mq{dot]edu{dot}au. If you’ve read something totally boss on someone else’s anthropology blog, please don’t hesitate to send along the link, and we’ll try to direct more readers to the piece.

Four Stone Hearth brings together the four subfields of anthropology: archaeological, linguistic, biological and socio-cultural. It’s a veritable anthro-polooza of anthro-blogilization, so make sure you’re part of it!

And check back after the 15th to see who showed up, and whether any of our guests drank too much and went crowd surfing or hooked up with someone inappropriate.

Credits: If you like this cartoon, visit Hugh MacLeod at for many more of his back-of-a-business-card sketches.

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