Vidéothèque: Videos on Cross-Cultural Health, Sickness and Healing

The Vidéothèque : Santé, Maladie, Malheur is an absolutely incredible video archive on medical anthropology, with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa. I started exploring it when it was mentioned as part of the trance video links, but it’s so rich it deserves its own post – well over 100 video clips that are freely available in Real Media packaging.

Alain Epelboin
Alain Epelboin

The collection has been put together by Alain Epelboin, who has also contributed the lion’s share of footage. Other film makers include Beatriz Soengas, Sylvie Heslot, Susanne Fürniss and Claire Lussiaa-Berdou. The collection is hosted through Réseau Académique Parisien.

Alain Epelboin is a doctor and anthropologist who runs the Labotoire Eco-anthropologie et Ethnobiologie, which is part of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. You can see a video of Alain discussing his work, as well as this informative article – both in French, as are most of the videos.

Some of the videos you can see include Ebola in Congo, this narrated documentary on the Aka of the Central African Republic and the Congo, Traditional Medicine, Culture and AIDS, and Mort et naissance de Masiki.

And here’s the entire list of the Santé, Maladie, Malheur videos.

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