Sorting Stones

Sorting Stones
Sorting Out Science is hosting the latest Four Stone Hearth, gathering together the best of recent anthropology blogging.

The lead is the entire Pig in the Garden Series, covering the recent Jared Diamond and New Yorter controversy. If I had to pick one piece for this audience, it would be Nancy Sullivan’s ‘Light Elephants’ and Dark Revenge In The New Yorker: The Problems of Amateur Anthropology. Besides covering ethical concerns, she brings a deep ethnographic appreciation from a more psychological/cultural anthropology angle of how revenge actually works in Papua New Guinea.

Then there are big boobs featured in the media (yes, the recent venus figurine – Sorting Science has three solid pieces on this discovery); plus the recent Neanderthals got eaten by humans controversy is dismantled; some hot joe on head shaping and trepination; and much more.

A stand-out edition! So go check out Sorting Science’s Four Stone Hearth.

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