Four Stone @ Aardvarchaeology

Baby Aardvark
Aardvarchaeology is hosting the latest Four Stone Hearth (#66 to be exact), which rounds up the best of anthropology blogging over the past fortnight.

I couldn’t resist this absurdly cute photo, but go over there for the latest on population genetics of modern Africans, the Flores hobbits, cross-cultural variation in creationism, first hugs, and more.

Link to Four Stone Hearth #66

3 thoughts on “Four Stone @ Aardvarchaeology

  1. I agree — great photo. I wonder what it is about the ‘so-ugly-it’s-cute’ animal? There seems to be a pattern of scrunchy pink with overly large eyes or ears or paws…. And I don’t know how you’d try to fit that into the whole ‘we’re-attracted-to-things-because-they’re-adaptive’ explanatory framework would work.

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