Anthropology on Cambridge DSpace

One of our readers, Laurence (thanks!), pointed out a great resource yesterday, Cambridge DSpace (Digital Space), the university’s “institutional repository… to facilitate the deposit of digital content of a scholarly or heritage nature.”

Laurence sent us the link for all the video lectures and other materials under “Department of Social Anthropology” at Cambribge. These resources include interviews with a wide range of scholars, from Paul Rabinow to Colin Renfrew and Simon Schaeffer and many others. This section shows 471 results, so plenty to explore.

There is a whole range of intellectual communities on Cambridge DSpace, from horse paleopathology (only 1 item, but still I had to mention it!) to the Literary and Linguistic Computing Centre. The Department of Economics has their collection of working papers up, including this 2004 one on bounded rationality and neural networks. But it really seems that the Department of Social Anthropology has taken the greatest advantage of DSpace, so go explore.

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