Cultural Evolution in Full Text

I’ve managed to round up a bunch of pdf or full text links for recent papers on cultural evolution and on the evolution of language.

Morten Christiansen and Nick Chater (2008), Language as Shaped by the Brain

Simon Kirby, Mike Dowman & Thomas Griffiths (2007), Innateness and Culture in the Evolution of Language

Simon Kirby, Hannah Cornish & Kenny Smith (2008), Cumulative Cultural Evolution in the Laboratory: An Experimental Approach to the Origins of Structure in Human Language

Christine Caldwell & Ailsa Millen (2008), Studying Cumulative Cultural Evolution in the Laboratory

Kenny Smith, Michael Kalish, Thomas Griffiths & Stephan Lewandowsky (2008), Introduction: Cultural Evolution and the Transmission of Human Behaviour

Andrew Whiten & Alex Mesoudi (2008), Establishing an Experimental Science of Culture: Animal Social Diffusion Experiments

Alex Mesoudi & Andrew Whiten (2008), The Multiple Roles of Cultural Transmission Experiments in Understanding Human Cultural Evolution

Thomas Griffiths, Michael Kalish & Stephan Lewandowsky (2008), Theoretical and Empirical Evidence for the Impact of Inductive Biases on Cultural Evolution

Joseph Henrich, Robert Boyd & Peter Richerson (2008), Five Misunderstandings about Cultural Evolution

Tim Lewens (2007), Cultural Evolution (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Esther Hermann, colleagues & Michael Tomasello (2007), Humans Have Evolved Specialized Skills of Social Cognition:The Cultural Intelligence Hypothesis

Robert Boyd & Peter Richerson (2008), Gene-Culture Coevolution and the Evolution of Social Institutions

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