Grand Encephalon

brain-coral-university-of-melbourneThe latest mind/brain Encephalon carnival is out at Ionian Enchantment. Lots of good stuff, so check it out. A couple of favorites include Dr. Shock’s look at online gaming (what a surprise there – and he reminded me that I need to check out Quake Live) and Podblack’s poetry – practive vs. impulse – debate.

ACP Internist is hosting this week’s medical blogging Grand Rounds in a well-done newspaper style format. Looks like there is broad support for health care reform among patients. The rise in number of psychiatrists in the US has gone hand-in-hand with increasing use of drugs and a proliferation of diagnostic categories, all to justify both the work and getting paid for it, argues Phillip Hickey. Neurofeedback is now being used to deal with ADHD, reports SharpBrains. And here’s a great debunking – we don’t actually lose the majority of our heat through our heads.

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