Grand Stone

stone-mountainThe latest anthropology Four Stone Hearth carnival is out over at the Swedish Osteological Association – kudos on the new site!

They have a very entertaining skeleton dance video to open this edition, worth it just for that. Lots of archaeology this time, which is great to see (and what a suprise from an osteological association…). John Hawks discusses peer review and Micele Lamont’s new book. And since it’s a topic I hope to talk about in the future, check out Culturge’s Homo evolutis, based on the TED talk by Juan Enriquez.

The latest medical Grand Rounds is out at Doc Gurley. Kudos to her for running a live version of the carnival – the Internet sweeps into that venerable medical tradition. You can actually see the video of the live broadcast on her site!

There’s a slideshare on a basic intro to genetics from Medicine and Man. And for the culturally inclined, as well as those with heart disease (refrain from joke…), there is a revelatory piece from Dr. Rich on Where those cardiology guidelines come from.

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