Round Encephalon

brain-coralThe Neurocritic has posted a fine post-presidential Friday the 13th Darwin Day Encephalon, rounding up the best mind/brain blogging.

This edition is as super-sized as its name! We have a book review of Embracing the Wide Sky where the author, an autistic savant, explores the way his mind works. Then there is The Mouse That Couldn’t Get High, discussing a paper about dopamine transporter knock out mice, which leaves the dopamine theory of addiction intact but raises interesting questions about how supposedly identical mice have different levels of drug self-administration. Plus neuroplasticity, livetweeting, nature/nurture, Dan Ariely, brainbows and more over at the latest Encephalon.

Emergiblog is hosting the medical Grand Rounds this week. And we have a Napoleon Dynamite theme – so keep him away from the coral, because that’s no way to fish. But really, a stand-out effort – working movie quotes into the entire carnival. Lots of fun.

Junkfood Science cuts the obesity virus down to size, Doc Gurley takes down the stereotype that being mentally ill means being violent, and other things amanzi, the blog of a surgeon in South Africa, struggles being philosophical about a horrific outcome.

Those and much more at Emergiblog’s Napoleon Dynamite Grand Rounds.

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