Anthropology News on the Web

anthropology-newsAnthropology News is the monthly newspaper put out by the American Anthropological Association. Anthro News or AN, as many people call it, is one of the main places that American anthropologists discuss pertinent issues of the day, as well as providing updates on what’s happening in American anthropology.

They also run the AN Blog, also called In Focus: Reflections on Anthropology News. The AN Blog provides occasional features, information and the like, including our recent Best of Anthro initiative, the Flickr photostream from the San Francisco AAA Meeting, and a feature of Michael Wesch and the Anthro of YouTube. I encourage you to chech the blog out.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the AN Blog, have ideas that you want to share about the site, or would like to propose something as a feature, please contact Dinah Winnick at dwinnick @ [remove the spaces].

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