Get Your Encephalon Dosis

You’ve been craving it – four weeks since the last round up of the best mind and brain blogging on the Internet. And The Mouse Trap and Sandy G give us what we want! Get High on Encephalon #62!

There is a definite addiction theme this time – Neurotopia on whether Prozac is addictive, and on the psychological vs physical concepts of addiction. (Might I suggest that perhaps the notion of “physical” is just as problematic as the psychological in Drug Monkey’s comment – it’s right back to the mind/body dichotomy that is really in question…); Mind Hacks on the abuse of laughing gas (it’s a gas!); and Brain Blogger on deep brain stimulation for pleasure.

There is plenty, plenty more. It’s a great addition. One to highlight is Mouse Trap’s own piece on evolution and altruism – a comprehensive overview and some interesting considerations.

So go check out the latest Encephalon.

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