Best of Anthro Submissions – Two Days Left

The Best of Anthropology Blogging 2008 has a submissions deadline set for this Monday, December 29th. Both people who blog about anthropology topics and readers of anthro blogs can submit entries. For more details, see the details in the language that suits you best.

Best of Anthropology Blogging 2008: Call for Submissions
Melhor de blogging antropolgia 2008
Le meilleur de la blogosphère anthropologique francophone: appel aux candidatures
Anunciando La Primera Edición de “Lo Mejor de los Blogs Antropológicos”
Antro-blogoskape yang paling baik untuk tahun 2008: sejenis kompetisi
Annunciando la prima edizione di «I migliori dei blogs di antropologia»

We’ve already had a great number of submissions from a diverse range of blogs. I’ve posted the list of participating blogs below. If you don’t see yours on the list, please send me a submission!

And if you did send me a submission but don’t see your blog, send me a reminder note. With Christmas, over-aggressive spam filters and the like, I want to be sure everyone gets included! Just one note – if it’s a blog in Portuguese, Greg is handling those submissions. So I haven’t included any of those in the list below.

List So Far
A Hot Cup of Joe
Babel’s Dawn
Culture Matters
Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog
Digital Ethnography
From the Annals of Anthroman
Grafos y Acidentes
Greg Laden
In Harmonium
Linguistic Anthropology
Middle Savagery
Open Anthropology
Savage Minds
Teaching Anthropology
Testimony of the Spade
Urbi & Orbi

7 thoughts on “Best of Anthro Submissions – Two Days Left

  1. That’s great news, it’s wonderful to see so much participation already, and in a relatively short time. If you do this again next year, the results of this first edition will attract attention and bring in more participants, with only minor adjustments made to the announcements in the various languages.

    I am really looking forward to this.

    Thanks again and best wishes.

  2. My blog is The Memory Bank: A New Commonwealth Ver 4.0

    My most visited post in 2008 was:

    It is a draft chapter from my book in preparation, The African Revolution. A large number of hits came from Nigeria!

    This is my favourite post:

    It is a summary of the book’s main argument given as a talk at a Frankfurt confere3cne on African urbanities.



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