Round Encephalon

The 60th version of Encephalon rounds up the best mind/brain blogging over at GrrlScientist. A well-organized version, ranging from parrots to body images, with plenty and plenty of interesting reads. Since this version is also over at GrrlScientist, with her passion for birds, I also have to link to all the great images and info on the spectacular birds of Colombia, including the elusive smiling bird and even one of Grrl’s own parrots.

Comment from Greg: This Encephalon is especially strong on sexual difference in the brain (and sex development in the brain) and delinquency and aggression.

The latest Grand Rounds is now up over at Sharp Brains, and brings us the week’s medical blogging. The sections on training, mental health, and attitudes are all great, with plenty more health-related materials besides.

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