MetaCarnival #2

The second edition of the MetaCarnival, a round up of some of the best carnivals out there, is now up at Emergiblog. The MetaCarnival is the brainchild of Alvaro Fernandez of Sharp Brains fame, and Sharp Brains features the archives, calendar and basic info. The basic format is for carnival administrators to submit 1 or 2 picks from their respective carnivals, and those get gathered together in the “carnival of carnivals.”

Emergiblog’s MetaCarnival features stuff from the bran/mind carnival Encephalon and the anthropology carnival Four Stone Hearth, but also goes further afield into classic science papers, academic life, surgery, medicine, and nursing.

The December 29th edition will be hosted at Science Roll. Carnival administrators can send submissions to berci.mesko at gmail dot com.

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