Nicholas Kristof on You Tube

Nicholas Kristof, the most anthropological of the New York Times op-ed writers, now has a You Tube channel. The featured video right now is Kristof applying to stage a protest in China during the Olympics, and then a reflection on China, its politics, and its culture. I’ve put it just below.

The Kristof channel also includes previous videos that Kristof has made as part of his worldwide reporting, including one on Cambodian brothels and another on the Colombian flower industry, which I showed some months back (reminded me of home…). Another is on Mukhtar’s Haven, the story of the woman sentenced to be gang raped in rural Pakistan, who then prosecuted her rapists and used the compensation money to establish a haven for other rape victims.

Kristof, in his push to provide innovative reporting, also runs a blog where he reflects on what he is writing, readers can comment on his editorials, and some good guest bloggers also take on complex social phenomena. You can see all Kristof’s NY Times columns here. He even has a Facebook site!

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