New Four Stone Hearth

So the new Four Stone Hearth, the blog carnival of anthropology, is up at Almost Diamonds. Stephanie may not be an anthropologist, but she puts together a formidable list, including several Olympic-related posts, such as Rex’s (he’s still Alex to me) contribution at Savage Minds, Well I guess we should say something about the Olympics and a fascinating short post by Vaughn at Mind Hacks on cross-cultural studies of the immediate reaction to winning and losing among sighted and blind athletes. There’s a number of good archaeological posts (including Stone Pages pointing to a story about Australia’s less-than-enthusiastic attempts to preserve archaeological sites), a cluster on Neandertal research, and a fascinating piece on artificial language evolution in the laboratory from (with actual people instead of computers doing the learning).

Lots of good stuff — so why are you still here and not reading it?!

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