ARC\'s Splash Mural
ARC's Splash Mural
ARC is the Anthropology of Contemporary Research Consortium, focusing on the “human sciences” with the aim “to develop techniques of collaboration, modes of communication, and tools of inquiry appropriate to an anthropology of the contemporary.”

ARC has three main projects, one on vital systems security, another on biopolitics, and the final one covering synthetic biology and nanotechnology. This synthetic anthropos (“artful design and composition of the human thing”) is the most relevant to this site, and is run by Paul Rabinow.

ARC also has a collection of on-line “concept” papers, alongside working papers and web documents within each project. Chris Kelty, one of the directors of ARC, also posts on Savage Minds and wrote recently that “ARC Seeks Passengers and Drivers.” So check that out.

BIOS is the “international centre for research and policy on social aspects of the life sciences and biomedicine.” As another consortium, they have a wide-ranging set of research themes including biopolitics, neuroscience and society, and biomedicine and identity.

There is also a podcast available, “Beyond the Genome: the Challenge of Synthetic Biology“, based on a distinguished panel discussion on “Synthetic biology is heralded as the next frontier. But what is synthetic biology and how do we imagine its future directions?”

BIOS also gave me this link to the affiliated European Neuroscience and Society Network, “a multidisciplinary forum for timely engagement with the social, political and economic implications of developments in the neurosciences.” Check out the publications list by ENSN members, with quite a few articles that you can download. One interesting one that jumped out at me is Folk Neurology and the Remaking of Identity.

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