Fun and Humor Category

I’ve created a new category “Fun” which gathers together our humorous, amusing, and otherwise entertaining posts. Below I’ve listed the collection at present, starting with one of our most popular posts overall.

Psychopharma-parenting    Stephen Colbert brings us his Word, and the latest on modern parenting techniques

“Ooh Girl” – An Honest R&B Song    This one gets it right about love and sex

The Allegory of the Trolley Problem Paradox    Laughing all the way to the moral dilemma

Evolutionary Psychology Bingo    Ah, the options. Capable of solving any problem

Spore and the Obvious    Sporn hits the Internet

Grand Central Freeze    A massive improv in the NYC train terminal plays with people’s minds

Sing along with the Brain    Pinkie and the Brain bring you the brain’s anatomy in just over a minute

Free Running and Extreme Balance    Parkour and free running videos taken to amazing heights. And drops.

Dickie Dawkins, He’s Smarter Than You Are    The latest rap from the great evolutionary master

Paintball Sentry Gun    Experience the brilliance of engineering geekdom

Ants Eat Gecko    Watch it just like it reads

New Yorker Cartoons     Iconic classics brought to life in short videos

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