If Lists Are Your Thing

All right, here are some different rankings out there in the blogosphere.

First up, Online University Reviews gives us the Top 100 Liberal Arts Professor Blogs. They’ve split it up by topic, going from Art to Theology. (Yes, starting with art means that anthropology didn’t make it… grrr.) And it’s rather English heavy. But it’s a list!

Wikio: News in Your Way provides lots of ways to rank things, so to complement the liberal arts side, here is their ranking of the Top Science Blogs. Some familiar friends there, some blogs I didn’t know. Just one note, it looks like you have to submit your blog to even make it onto the list.

Technorati just gives us the Top 100 Blogs, and since they spend their time trying to track all blogs, it’s a powerhouse list. So these are the big players, covering the full gamut of topics out there—politics, technology, gossip. Didn’t I just say that we need to cultivate cultural and emotional ways of being? Here’s the ethnographic data on our present interests. It’s so depressing maybe I’ll go have a behavioral health problem to give me something to do. Wait, I already do. Excessive surfing and blogging. Damn, technology already got me.

And one more. The Nature Blog Network covers the “very best nature blogs on the net.”

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