Photos at the Morning News in Black and White

The Morning News, “Black and White and Read All Over,” has an on-going art gallery series, demonstrating the work of a particular artist along one theme, complete with an accompanying interview. Most of the series consists of photography, but there are paintings and drawings as well. Really striking work.

The latest is Topologies by the photographer Edgar Martins, interview by Rosencrans Baldwin.

But the one that really struck me was on Phone Sex Operators by Phillip Toledano. Toledano captures these individuals so well, revealing the lives behind the fantasy. There is also an accompanying quote from the person which adds that much more depth. Here is the one from that series.

I’m 60 years old, have a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Columbia University, and married for 25 years. I have a son in his last years of college who lives at home. He’s a 4.0 with a double major in English Literature and Religion. Men call me for an infinity of reasons. Of course, they call to masturbate. I call it “Executive Stress Relief.” It’s not sex; it’s a cocktail of testosterone, fueled by addiction to pornography, loneliness, and the need to hear a woman’s voice. I make twice the money I made in the corporate world. I work from home, the money transfers into my bank account daily. I’m Scheherezade: If I don’t tell stories that fascinate the Pasha, he will kill me in the morning.

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