On-line coaching paper available: shameless self-promo

Apologies in advance, but ignore this post if you’re not interested in anthropology. I just had a paper come out in an online conference proceedings, and I don’t think it’s going to get too much notice unless I do a bit of self promotion. So, at the risk of being accused of narcism (or worse), I’ll just post a brief notice and link to the paper:

Greg Downey. 2008. Coaches as Phenomenologists: Para-Ethnographic Work in Sport. In Being There: After — Proceedings of the 2006 Conference of the Australasian Association for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. Edited by Ian Maxwell. ISBN 978-1-74210-012-8.

From the first link, you can download a .pdf of my presentation, which doesn’t really deal with the neuroanthropological dimensions of coaching (I have one of those coming out by the end of June, which I’ll also link to). But it does deal with the issues of skill acquisition and bodily enculturation, especially in the field of sport, which regular readers know is my particular area of research interest.

(Note: There’s still some bugs in the links to all the papers, but you can get to the abstracts if you just search for the author’s name or keyword.)

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Trained as a cultural anthropologist at the University of Chicago, I have gone on to do fieldwork in Brazil and the United States. I have written one book, Learning Capoeira: Lessons in Cunning from an Afro-Brazilian Art (Oxford, 2005). I have also co-authored and co-edited several, including, with Dr. Daniel Lende, The Encultured Brain: An Introduction to Neuroanthropology (MIT, 2012), and with Dr. Melissa Fisher, Frontiers of Capital: Ethnographic Reflections on the New Economy (Duke, 2006). My research interests include neuroanthropology, psychological anthropology, sport, dance, human rights, neuroscience, phenomenology, economic anthropology, and just about anything else that catches my attention.

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