Shout Outs

Alayna’s Favorites has consistently linked to the stuff we post here, so time to shower a little attention on her. Her site provides links to other sites. Here’s one that I found through her favorites: a nice reflection on the absurdity of the summer mini-mester, one semester supposedly crammed into two weeks.

Erkan’s Field Diary, run by an anthropologist who covers both anthro blogs and European and Middle East politics and culture, has consistently included us in some of his round ups. Here’s his most recent anthro one, which covers a lot of excellent ground and also provides us an introduction to some of his own work. You can also download his paper, Blogging as a Research Tool for Ethnography.

Dr. X’s Free Associations. Where else can you get vintage photos and psychology in one place? Plus a little politics too. The recent man with hyena photo really struck me. And he has a fun take on Jerry Springer speaking at Northwesetern’s commencement.

And of course the biggie for last. Greg and I both appreciate how Vaughan at MindHacks helps promote so many mind-related blogs, including our own. And where else can you find out about the brains of dead Russian geniuses and electronic lovers with fake online identities?

There are other places that have mentioned us over the last months, such as Neurophilosophy and Purposive Drift. And if you dig into some of our archives, you’ll find links to places we like. Or check out our blogroll. So this is just today’s shout out. But if you really like us, well then, feel free to comment with a link! We’d love to hear from you.

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